RIP: 5 Die After their House went Up in Flames in Kajiado

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A family in Mashuuru village Kajiado County on the night of Thursday was razed to ashes after a mysterious house fire consumed their house beyond recognition.

According to area police officers, the five members include a mother and four of her children who were completely burnt into ashes, report shows that four female and one male bodies were retrieved from the ashes.

The efforts from the neighbours in putting of the fire was futile as the fire was huge and overwhelmed them, they blamed the county emergency response team for their slow respond to the scene.

The village now demands the the county government through the fire emergency team to actively respond to fire emergencies to ensure such destructions are not witnessed.

The police have launched a seriouse investigation to the matter to know what will really caused the mysterious fire.

This comes a few days after an administrative police officer in siaya county burnt himself to ashes in a police station.

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