10 things you should have at hand in case of an emergency


Here's a list of 10 things you should keep handy to save yourself incase of an emergency.

1) Jack knife or dagger.

Apart from being a dangerous object, portable knife is a very useful tool that will help you perform multiple tasks like defending yourself against danger, loosening some screws and cutting some strong materials.

2) Heavy duty flashlights

As we all know, flashlights are very important objects. They help us a lot when there's a power outage and they can also render more help in a more difficult situation. They can be used to signal for help when stranded in the dark. Consider having this in your car.

3) matches or Gas lighters

Matches and lighters are usually used in the kitchen but during an emergency, you might be in a situation where you need to start a fire quickly, for instance, if you get stranded in a forest at night, you'll surely need fire to keep yourself warm and scare away wild animals.

4) Power bank.

Since smartphones are one of the fastest devices to use during an emergency, and since it also needs electricity to charge up the battery, then there'll be a huge risk if your phone battery gets exhausted in an unpleasant situation in a place where there's no electricity because there will be a difficulty in getting help. So, keeping a power bank aside for this purpose is highly advisable.

5) Bottled water

Who doesn't know that water is very important and it's one of the top things you should always keep available with you. It's one of the most important element of survival for man. Due to it's multiple uses, it's not going to be an exception during an emergency. You can keep at least 50cl of bottled water with you, especially when you're going to a place that you don't know the status of water availability. You can keep some biscuits with you too.

6) Mini first aid kit

Without even mentioning this, we all should know that first aid kits are very helpful in any case of emergency and there are mini kits that could fit into your backpack.

7) Extra wears.

No One can tell what will happen in the nearest future. You could get spilled on with dirts by a car, your shirt could get torn by any sharp object and you may not know how long you're going to stay in a place. So, carrying extra clothes, just a shirt, a trouser and underwears will be enough. You don't need to carry much.

8) Twine or rope

Twines are ultimate tools of survival. They are extensively useful, and can be used in dangerous situations to solve a lot of problems.

9) pen and book

In the order of importance, this one is the best pairs to have with you always. A prepared person is not supposed to lack a pen and papers. The good fact about it is that it's very cheap and readily available.

10) Backpack

This is the home for all your handy tools. You can arrange all your emergency kits in your emergency backpack and you're ready to move. You can get your emergency backpack with complete kits online or in a major store.

This is not just an article you should read and ignore. No one knows what will happen in the next minute. An emergency can just come up at any time, and they may be very disastrous. We should try to get all those materials listed above at home. We should always be prepared in order to reduce the rate of casualties during a disaster.

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