I’m traumatized, is this what poor people enjoy? – Lady cries as she boards Okada for the first time

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A youthful beautiful lady has gone viral on social media after she recorded her experience on a marketable motorbike generally known as Okada for the first time in her life. 

 According to her, it was her first time boarding an okada and it was a surprising traumatic experience for her. 

In a videotape making rounds online, the lady was on a bike and cried out about how it affected her. She wondered if the bike is average citizens enjoy on a diurnal base. 

 Watch video below

 At a point in the clip she came tear-eyed and said she felt humane towards the plight of people who typically board Okada. 

 On reaching her house, the lady started crying and said that she has noway been so traumatized like that. 

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