5 Famous Celebrities Who Courageously Fought Against Their Addictions And Won (Photos)

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As we all know, whenever someone is addicted to something, it’s hard for that person to break free. However, while many of us might think that addiction is only for nonentities or less popular people, celebrities have fallen into the pit of addiction.

These popular celebrities suffered from the clutches of addiction, but somehow, they figured out a way out. So, in today’s article, we would be looking at 5 celebrities who courageously fought against their addiction and won:

1. Daniel Radcliffe

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British actor, Daniel Radcliffe is among celebrities whose fame almost destroyed their lives. For Daniel, he struggled with his addiction to alcohol – which he revealed came years after appearing in his final Harry Potter film. Fortunately, the actor overcame his alcoholism by going sober in 2010. 

2. Sting

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English musician, Gordon Matthews (popularly known as Sting), once suffered from drug addiction (cocaine to be precise).During an interview with Wednesday, the British rock star revealed that he regretted ever taking cocaine during his days because it always influenced him to get involved in fistfights almost every night. 

3. Britney Spears

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During her youthful days, famous pop singer, Britney Spears was addicted to amphetamines (a stimulant drug). She was so addicted to amphetamines that it led to the hospital, and the court had to place her under a court-ordered conservator which helped the singer to come out clean.

4. Angelina Jolie

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Famous American actress, Angelina Jolie was addicted to heroin. According to reports from various media outlets, Angelina Jolie began experimenting with drugs during the 90s, the reason being that she was trying to find herself (knowing who she was). However, after she became a mother, her priorities shifted which led to her be free from drugs.

5. Kristin Davis

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Actress, Kristin Davis has always accredited her acting success with saving her from alcohol addiction. During an interview, the actress revealed that she never expected to reach 30, after going into rehabilitation at the age of 22.

Which of these celebrities is your favorite?

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