Ekpa, Nnamdi Kanu's successor, prays to the Biafran spirits for a thousand men's knowledge

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Simon Ekpa, who took over broadcasting at Radio Biafra from his master, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the banned Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has asked for prudence in carrying out the secessionist group's business while Kanu is still in the custody of the Department of State Services, DSS.

Following the re-arrest and incarceration of Biafra freedom fighter Nnamdi Kanu by the Nigerian government, Ekpa, who is a dual citizen of Nigeria and Finland, was selected to lead the secessionist organisation until Kanu's release.

During his debut broadcast on Radio Biafra, Epka appealed to God and the spirit of Biafra for "a thousand men's knowledge" to help him steer the group's activities.

The socio-political activist encouraged members to work and pray for him to continue the cause from where Kanu left off in a video posted to his official Twitter profile.

“I am not a flawless person, but with your help and understanding, I will always, by Elohim's grace, deliver the message that our people require.

“I may not know everything, but with your help, I will utilise Radio Biafra to deliver a message that will penetrate the hearts of every politician in Southern Nigeria.

“We will undoubtedly rewrite the tales of yesterday thanks to your prayers.

“When our leader, Nnamdi Kanu, is released from prison, he will be happy of what you and I have accomplished.

“On this day of this broadcast, I beg to Elohim, the spirit of Biafra, for one thousand men of knowledge to shatter every bond of enemies within.”

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