Will Igbo presidency in 2023 stop the agitations for Nigeria's breakup coming from the South East ?

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Ohaneze ndigbo

The Youth section of Ohaneze ndigbo which is the Youth section of Ohaneze ndi Igbo, the Igbo social cultural group has recently stated that an Igbo presidency come 2023 is the only thing that will stop Nigeria from breaking up.

Comrade igboayaka.o.Igboayaka in an interview in Owerri stated that the deliverance of Nigeria from the shackles of bad leadership lies in an Igbo presidency come 2023. Comrade Igboayaka said that the Fulani political Oligarchy made a terrible mistake, according to him, they could have enjoyed the reason why God made the Igbos part of Nigeria. Igboayaka stated that if the Fulani political Oligarchy fails to realize this favour in 2023, that they will not have it again as the Igbos will then have to separate and form a separate country.

Looking at the statement of the Ohaneze ndi Igbo Youth council, the question that will come to the mind of any rational individual or critical thinker is this: will Igbo presidency come 2023 stop the Agitations for a separate country coming from the southeast?, It's obvious that there may be divergent opinions and responses to this questions, but let look critically into facts, many atimes those agitating for a Biafran state for the Igbos have made it crystal clear that what they want is not Igbo presidency in Nigeria, asserting that what they need is to take their own destiny in their hands by returning to who they were be amalgamation of Nigeria.

Some of the agitators even believe that an Igbo presidency will do them no good, yet other schools of thought like that of the Leader of the Ohaneze ndi Igbo Youth council believes that an Igbo presidency will favor not only the Igbos, but Nigeria in general and will also stop agitations for Nigeria's breakup, but the question is this, with the level agitations have come from different quaters of the country for Nigeria's breakup and with the kind of mindset some these agitators are now carrying which is that the country is not workable, can an Igbo presidency come 2023 stop the agitations for Nigeria's breakup?

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