Say These Prayers Before Speaking To Anybody For God's Blessings


Every curse pronounced inwardly against my destiny break in the name of Jesus. You inward curses militating against my virtues break in the name of Jesus, i declare with my mouth that I have renounced you and will have nothing in common with you all the days of my life in name Amen.

Oh Lord my God shake the foundation of my life with your earthquake and flush out every opposing plant that is opposing my open doors in Jesus name Lord God, wipe my tears. Escape to my crying watch because my mornings appear in the name of Jesus.

Our Lord Cause not our heart to stray after you have guided us.and bestow upon us mercy and your presence the most powerful and the bestower

O Lord let my opponents shed unspeakable tears and feed them with your own tears in the name of Jesus.

Any Witchcraft personality using your glory to shine so that you will beg bread, die by fire in the name of Jesus,oh Lord arise and let all evil manipulators suffer from their evil.

Every demonic hindrances to my finances, be paralysed, in the name of Jesus O Lord guard my business from the eyes of all evil observers in the name of Jesus.

Thank you for the gift of a new day. Lord, I bless your name for the wonderful things you have done for me today. Thank you for another beautiful day, 


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