Brilliant Village Graduate Seeking For Employment


It is a normal practice for University Graduate to seek for employment after their mandatory National Service Program. The current crisis on the employment sector is a manifestation of how chocked the queue is. Many University Graduates are out there seeking for other avenues to survive.

The story of Baatere Richard Baagyina is distinctively different.  From Piisi Kumfaabiala, a community in the outskirts of Wa Municipality, 28 year old Richard has seen enough of life and is on the verge of throwing in the towel. His predicament goes beyond what a kid can contain even at the Basic Level.  

Having completed Piisi RC JHS in 2008, Richard left JHS with aggregate 18. His intelligence was never in doubt as he bullied his colleagues academically to avenge their physical bullying. From a very poor background in the village,  little Richard had no option than to join the usual galamsey trips during the holidays to keep his pen flowing. He had to embark on a concurrent track of schooling and galamseying at the same time. God gave him brains but no helper. His then aged father during the SHS days passed on along the line of his education, leaving the pocket size in fear of perishing.  

The determined student completed Lawra SHS as a science student with enviable records. He had 6Bs and 2Cs with the divided mind. Can you imagine the grades with a focused mind? His half concentrated mind and brains produced Bs in Physics, Chemistry and Elective Maths. Core Maths, Integrated Science and Social Studies all suffered in the hands of Richard. 

With no funding , donor or helping from anywhere, Little Richard intensified his galamsey trips and paid the school fees for his University Education. It was a trip to Nyankpala for a 4-year Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Technology.  

Perseverance, determination and will power, saw Richard completing his University Education on July 31, 2018. A successful National Service program remains the only time this troubled soul saw happiness. It has been full of ups, ups and ups. From frustration to disappointment, this brainy chap has been left to rot by Mother Nature.  

Home Radio Changing life scheme stopper at his doors and interacted with him. He showed me chronicles of applications he filed including Ghana Education Service and to some Agric institutions. He does not want much, all he needs is a place that pay him to buy food, clothes and accommodate himself. With such brains is it too much?  

Any institution, individual or Association that can support should please come on board and help Richard Baatere with job avenues.