5 Things You Should Stop Doing Once You Get Married.


Being married is another phase of life. It doesn't just come with a lot of responsibilities,it also demands you start being responsible too on your own part. So here are top 5 things you may need to stop doing once you enter into matrimony.

1. Stop Eating Outside: This may sound funny but as funny as it seems, it's very important. It doesn't mean one cannot decide to take lunch outside if the need be, but being married and still making it a habit of eating constantly from restaurants isn't always the best. Its not only money consuming for someone who is beginning to have more things to attend to with his or her money, it also creates room to be meeting random people you may end up making friends especially the opposite sex and thus giving room for infidelity.

2. Stop Keeping Best friends among the opposite sex. Just like the saying goes;" he goat and cocoyam can't be kept together" Because one day verily,the he goat will surely eat the cocoyam. It may have been okay to have best friends from the opposite sex while you were single but once you marry,it becomes unhealthy to your union. Make your spouse your best friend. Confide in him or her for everything.share your joy, sadness, anxieties ,etc with him or her. Once you start finding anyone of the opposite sex more interesting or feeling more at home with someone of the opposite sex more than you do with your spouse,take heed and start cutting off the individual before he or she ruins the fidelity in your marriage.

3. Stop Drinking Excessively. This is especially for the men.you may have enjoyed doing a lot as a single guy but once you marry, you don't do things anymore just as it pleases you. You must be considering your spouse before any one thing you want to do. And in most cases, not every woman likes it to have a drunkard for a husband. Apart from taking it easy with alcohol for the sake of your spouse's happiness, taking a little but not so much of alcohol helps keep you in the right frame of mind to attend to the myriad of responsibilities marriage comes with.

4. Stop Giving Out Your Mobile Number On Social Media (especially to the opposite sex). This very one demands a lot of self discipline and determination to do as a lot of people even when married still want to be flirting with members of the opposite sex . Many find it difficult to stick solely to their spouse but that's what marriage demands of you. Being ready to still give off your number to people of the opposite sex you meet on the media or even just anywhere is a behavior for the single (except for genuine purposes like business) and it will be digging a hole for extra marital affairs to set in.

5. Cut off Many Friends of the opposite sex; As a single person, it's very easy to have a lot of friends of the opposite sex. Once you enter into marriage,cut off on many of them and stop acquiring more too. You don't need them.If you need anyone,it's your spouse.

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