Scared of losing your partner?


Whenever a topic related to relationship is being raised, questions are bound to arise. No one can boast of having all the answers to a long lasting relationship because it's something involving two humans and humans are completely unpredictable. At one point or another one might feel threatened in a relationship due to the turn of events leading to worry and worst case scenario depression which is unhealthy. Being scared of losing your partner is totally understandable because it one of the signs that indicate you love him or her but you should understand that the power to influence your partner's to either stay or leave lies in your hands. Know that when you're constantly in fear of losing your partner you tend to emit negative emotions which can be felt by your partner thereby scaring him or her away.

Here are some of the ways to overcome the fear of losing it in your relationship and instead own it

1. Know that the fear you feel is totally normal

You do not have to constantly deny the fear you feel understand that it's normal and there's nothing wrong with you. Most people tend to beat themselves hard when they can't control it. Being able to control it it's based on your mindset embrace the fear and then conquer it.

2. You should always come first

Now this doesn't entail that you be selfish it simply connotes you placing your priorities right you're your own priority. Now tell me how do you intend on making others happy when you haven't even fulfilled your dreams of being happy now that's it when your partner comes to realize that your happiness isn't fully reliant on them they tend to up their game by doing more so as not to lose you

3. Often communicate with your partner

Communication goes a long way in solidifying a relationship. Your partner must have done something that doesn't sit right with you don't just ignore it or start with the silent treatment talk it out instead that would give your significant other the assurance that the relationship means something to you and you won't just give it up and this in turn cements trust.

4. Be open about your feelings

Most people due to fear of losing their partner tend to hide away how they truly feel with the notion that if they give away too much of how they feel their partner might leave but no not showing how much you care and love your partner even breeds such thoughts. No one has ever missed it for being real. Love brings about more love. So bringing your best to the table strengthens the relationship.


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