Check out what Roberto Carlos said about Ronaldo, explaining how difficult it is to score.


The world of football celebrates one of the greatest footballer players and the best free kick taker, Roberto Carlos.

Roberto Carlos da Silva Rocha (10th April, 1973)

He's commonly known as Roberto Carlos, is a Brazilian former professional footballer who now works as a football ambassador. He started his career at Brazil as a forward, but he pent most of his carrer as a left back and has beeni described as one of the most offensive left back in the history of the game. Carlos is also widely considered one of the best left back in history, and he was also known as a free kick specialist.

Roberto Carlos on Ronaldo

"He was the best. There will never be another 'Fenomeno'. Not Neymar, Cristiano or Messi.

I think in out generation, it was harder to score goals. It was more physical back then and attackers are less protected, but Ronaldo could do everything"

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