The Gloomy Chelsea Team Is A Beat Shaky After This News Today


Harvert has quite improved but he lost two clear goals due to his selfishness and he knows. When you are in a postion that isn't easy to score look around and pass the ball. We are in one team at the end of the day.

Yes, it is but I think he is too eager to score goals. After all he had a big advantage in the last game. So he was a little selfish during the match. After the last game hopefully the goals will keep coming each and every game that Chelsea will play.

We want goals for sure and many for that matter but players need to use common sense whenever they are in a shooting position. He did well though, a great improvement as compared to his misfiring countrymate. The only balance tuchel needs to organize is Werner.

I am very eager for the two Germans to bring enough energy to our team! They're getting better each and every day. Werner made a very imaginative goal in the last game but unfortunately his teammates did not score. Havertz's condition is getting better. Let's wait and see as we are heading to the semis tommorow night. Hopefully Wenner starts to perform well.