"Wah, Sikuamini Macho Yangu"- 6 Ghost Moments Caught On Camera During Football Match(Video)

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Football is currently the best sport in the world one with the most followers and fans. In a football stadium you may find up to 100,000 Spectators or fans watching and supporting their teams.

In football some art of magic happen and this are from players showing their brilliant skills which indeed impresses their fans. Some of these moments includes, Dribbling, Crazy goals and even Goalkeeping saves.

However there are some other moments which have been captured on camera and are believed to be ghost in football stadium.

According to the Fox, some incidents have been recorded where something is seen running very fast in between large crowds and seems not to be distracted by anything. In some other instances there is this goal which was ment to be a goal since the goalkeeper had no chance but the goal was saved by a ghost which was captured on camera.

For more details follow this link to clearly see the ghost as captured in video.


What do you think about this, are there real Ghosts in football?

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