Muvhango:Gugu Under Water After Azwindini's Family Don't Want To See Her Anymore

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The entire Nomasonto and Rosemary adventure has truly changed Gugu. The circumstance has tempered with her psyche. Being wrongly analyzed truly harmed her. It seems like the symptoms of those drugs will take time. Her emotional wellness is no longer settled. She is upset and scared by seemingly insignificant details. She is excessively delicate. She is as of now not the Gugu that we know. That dedicated, shrewd and free lady we as a whole became hopelessly enamored with.

This evening Gugu will inadvertently wound Azwindini. She is constantly terrified and feels like she isn't protected in any way. She isn't herself and that could require some investment before she turns into her ordinary and genuine self once more. Gugu needs genuine recuperation before she kills somebody. She is truly not great. It is so miserable what has been going on with her. She done carrying on with her life. She lives like a distraught individual. Her contribution with Azwindini truly cost her beginning and end.


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