Checkout what a man found at the bottom of the coffee he just took in


This article is going to unveil a shocking moment which occurred recently and also teach you a lesson as to how to act when you get hold of food. Normally, when we buy food from outside we tend to move straight into consuming it all without even getting to know what makes up its components. Well, a certain lady applied this "normal theory" only to get disappointed at the end of it all. Let us go straight into digesting this issue.

This afternoon saw Twitter discussing a critical issue about food which is being sold on the streets. Many people have been pushed into the "scared zone" after realizing some food vendors do not really take time to bring out these kinds of food.

For me, I am never surprised. I have heard cases of some food vendors placing stuff which was retrieved from shrines under their pots. Quite recently, I also saw a news on this platform where a certain food vendor was caught putting her underwear under the porridge she cooked. I have just come to the realization that it is all cool once my eyes do not see such things.

Laura, a Ghanaian tweep decided to post a picture on her Twitter page and it was just not cool. Her caption even summarized it all. Below is the picture;

We don't know the gender of the person yet but please pardon me for assuming it's a male. I just don't want to be using "his or her" throughout this article, thank you.

So in the picture she posted, you do see that someone had enjoyed coffee to his satisfaction only to discover the shock of his life at the end of it all. There was actually a wall gecko beneath the container in which he was happily enjoying his coffee

This is too bad. At that point, you wouldn't know what to do. The food is already in your tummy and vomiting it out seems impossible yet you dearly want to get rid of it.

How can such an animal be lying below food which is to be consumed by humans? This is not so cool and it got many people blasting the food vendor. They do not know the identity of the vendor yet but they sent their bitter replies to wherever he/she was.

This is what is happening in some parts of this country. It is very serious and it also gives an impression that we are not safe at all. Let me know what you think about this.