Agradaa '419' You Will Cry Forever If You Don't Pay Those People Their Monies; Maame Ng3g3 Warns


"Repent" is the forgotten word of the Gospel. When Jesus entered His public ministry, one of His first statements was "Repent, and believe the gospel." A true recognition of your spiritual poverty and being grieved about it and repenting of it, is the first step. Matthew 5:3 "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."

When Isaiah saw God in His glory, he declared that he was undone and a man of sinful lips. When Peter first encountered Jesus, he told Jesus to depart from him because he was a sinful man.

When Zaccheus hosted Jesus at his house, he repented of his sinful ways, giving half his possessions to the poor and making restitution to anyone he had defrauded. Nana Agradaa the renowned fresh is expected to do same now that she has repented.

According to her, the gods were powerless so she burnt them. Some people were seeking for double money and visited her shrine, So those items are just white elephants. 

Many still don't trust her, and have insisted she must give back all she took from her victims first and before she says she has changed. Maame Ng3ng3 a renowned blogger based in UK is a constant chronic of Agradaa. He urged her to pay her victims and this is what he posted on Facebook.