Most popular university courses that can surprisingly leave you unemployed for some years


There are many courses run by universities in Ghana. Some of these courses are extremely popular among Ghanaians and have got very high student enrollment. Due to the high student enrollment, these courses are run by almost all universities. Despite the popularity of these courses, they might never get you hired for some years. These courses are great courses to pursue but you will only land a decent paying job if you have a lot of experience. If you are lucky to get a job with them without experience, it might be a job with a very poor salary. Here are four popular courses that might make it difficult for you to get hired right after school in Africa. Remember, these are not bad courses. They are great courses but you need a lot of experience to land a job with them. This makes it difficult for fresh graduates to get employed immediately when they pursue it. Here are four of those courses:

1. Bachelor of Marketing: Marketing is a very beautiful course by all standards. However, it is extremely difficult getting a decent job in marketing. It is an undeniable fact that every corporate organisation has a marketing department. However, these roles are reserved for individuals with a very high level of experience which a fresh graduate will not have. This makes it extremely difficult for fresh marketing graduates to get an opportunity.

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2. Bachelor of management studies: BMS as its affectionately called by students is a very beautiful course. It's one of the few courses you get to learn almost everything about the business. You will study even Marketing and part of accounting. However, the weakness of that course when it comes to the market is it being more general than specific.

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Corporate organisations have an inherent bias to choose a candidate who specialises in one area. Do not take it wrong. BMS is a great course by all standards. It will get you a job someday but in the first few years, it might be tough.

3. Human Resource Management: Human resource management is the lifeblood of every organisation. There will never be an organisation without human resources. This makes the course really attractive to students and other stakeholders. However, it takes a lot of experience and network to get a decent paying human resource job.

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Human resource roles like marketing are reserved for highly experienced individuals. As a fresh graduate that might be a very big disadvantage.

4. BSc Psychology: Psychology is one of the most popular university courses. This course is run by almost every university in Ghana due to its popularity. Psychology is the study of human behaviour. Unlike the first three courses in which you can get a very good job if you have lots of experience, it is almost impossible to get a job in Psychology. Most Psychology graduates end up pursuing masters and PhD to enable them to lecture in the university. However, this is a long way if you are not from a well to do family.

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If you want to pursue any of the courses above, do a lot of internships to build your experience. Build great networks. Make use of platforms such as LinkedIn. They come in handy. It will improve your chances of getting hired quickly. This article is not meant to discourage you. It is meant to prepare you for what to expect.

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