White Lady Posted Her Photo with Ramaphosa, See What People Said About it

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When you take on a position of leadership, you immediately elevate your status to that of a celebrity. When people notice you, they immediately start cheering and begging to take pictures with you. They may speak ill of you behind your back, yet whenever they see you they can't help but smile and even snap pictures of themselves doing so. People will take photos of you and share whatever you do online, which is why they claim that a leader or celebrity does not have a private life. Some people will not even talk to you but will just follow you around and wait for you to do something wrong so that they may expose you. 

When we discuss President Ramaphosa, a great number of individuals have taken to social media numerous times to voice their discontent with the way he is leading the country. 

. Especially on Twitter, people are always complaining that his government is failing and that he is a very bad leader. These accusations are made repeatedly. It's impossible to go more than a few minutes without coming across a tweet that either criticizes or complains about President Ramaphosa.

Surprisingly, the exact same individuals who badmouth him on social media suddenly become quite thrilled when they see Cyril Ramaphosa face to face for the first time. There is a young man who has become a source of amusement due to the fact that he is always criticizing Ramaphosa, but just a few days ago, he ran into him on the street and asked to take pictures with him. This caused everyone to start laughing at him. You can tell that this guy is overjoyed and proud of the fact that he finally got the chance to meet the president by looking at the images. View these images down below: below:


Because so many people reported seeing Ramaphosa out and about early in the morning on this particular day, it would appear that he was simply strolling through the neighborhood at that time. Another white lady also took pictures with him and posted them on social media. Those pictures can be found here. After the images were published, a great number of people were taken aback by the fact that it appears the same individuals who criticize Ramaphosa on social media suddenly become very delighted when they see him in person. Check out what others had to say about it in the comments section:

Source: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMLTfoEPF/?k=1


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