My Friend Told Me That A Guy Asked Her Out Which She Ignored, The Guy Did This -Lady


As a guy, we all get the style we use when asking a Lady out, and if the Lady doesn't succumb to us, we keep on trying till the lady finally give in.

A twitter user whose handle is @theladyjane shares what happened to her friend after a guy asked her out which she ignored. She said her friend told the guy that he should give her time to think about what he is asking her maybe she will accept it.

She said as her friend made this statement, the guy did not hesitate to give her flight ticket to Greece which is a country in Europe, so as to travel there to think about what he asked her. She said the guy didn't travel with her while the lady will stay in one of the finest hotel in Greece which has been paid for by the guy.

(Credit: Twitter @theladyjane)

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