List of Animals That can Take Down a Full Grown Tiger


There are many animals that can take down a full grown tiger. But we will be discussing about few.


It is no wonder that a tiger would rarely hunt a spiky poke-ball because it would get injured or killed.Tigers may be fierce but porcupines are good at defense.A tiger would risk serious injury.But they have been seen flipping them around…..I think.


An Indian Rhino is a match for the tiger as it is 5500 pounds(2.54 tons)and is 10 times as heavy.But rhinos are killed by tigers too.

Yet a rhino could kill it.


Elephant is 12000 pounds much heavier than a tiger.Tigers have killed them.

But elephants travel in herds as female which is the preferred elephant gender meal.If I were a tiger,no that would be too deadly!

4-saltwater crocodile

Saltwater crocodiles.They can kill them because they have much stronger bite force.A saltie can bite a 3700 pound psi and a tiger only does 1050 pound psi.But tigers are still mean,lean killing machines because in 2003 a tigress named “Machali”killed a 14-foot mugger crocodile.

But Lolong,a 20-foot Indian saltwater could defeat any tiger.

5-reticulated python

Reticulated pythons are immense!So no wonder why this is a possibility.But tigers could kill one.

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