Who Said Love Cares About Tribes? Meet The Gorgeous Igbo Bride Who Got Married To Her Yoruba Groom


Today , we've got so many reasons to revel in the beautiful cultures we are blessed to have in our country, Nigeria. It's all about Elvina and Mujeed ,the gorgeous Igbo bride who got married to her Yoruba prince charming and everything and more. Love is a beautiful feeling that fails to understand the societal interpretation of its effects ,and it's lovely to see it happening live.

According to the story shared on #bellanaijaweddings ,The lovebirds ,who met on Instagram some years back , had took the decision of making their union official as they serenade the environment with beauty and cultures.

They've taken their relationship to the final site and we are beyond stoked for them ,Elvina got married to Mujeed acthey both brought their cultures to life ,their traditional wedding was An awesome blend of of the beautiful Igbo and Yoruba cultures.

I have always said that love doesn't really care about people's opinions, societal restrictions, race , background, colour or religion and this beautiful couple here has gone ahead to prove my point right.

I pray God gives them the necessary ingredients for the sustainance of this beautiful union and love story , Happy Married life darlings.

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