Chelsea Player Who Silenced Former Manchester United Player James Lingard.


Chelsea football club is in joyful celebration after once again recording a superb performance in general overview controlling every department in the field aganist thier closest rivals in london derby and opponent in the english premier league table standing.

Chelsea gave a trembling squad especially the defence line which gave the fans confident even before the game.

The squad didn't let the manager down as they did what was expected. Focusing on one of the best defence line in europe yesterday chelsea defence was fantastic.

The defence gave out a classical experience which denied Jesse lingard opportunity to do his usual runs behind the defender.

Andrew Christensen should start aganist real madrid after completely outdoing the on form lingard and westham managed very few chances on target.

Chelsea fans would like to see the combination used yesterday finishing the season with minimal injuries the blues are capable of finishing third or even second if united makes a slide mistakes.