Kenyan Celebrities Who Are Twins

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It is always feel good for a parent to see his children grow together especially when they are twins. Good friendship exist among twins and they understand each other than anyone else. Kenya is blessed to have twins who are best friends and are also celebrities, they include;

1. Paul and Eddie Ndichu. The two brothers are businessmen know in the country by few individual. They have fallen in love with TV celebrities, Paul is in a relationship with Grace Msalame and Eddie married Janet Mbugua who also has a Twin brother.

2. Janet Mbugua and Twin Brother. Janet is a TV presenter who has a Twin brother.

3. Moipei Sisters. They were born three and are well known in Kenya. Mary, Martha and Magdaline are their names.

4. Jamila and Wanjiru Mbugua. They are Identical twins and both are celebrities. People always confuse them.

5. Anita And Lisa Gaitho.

6. Belinda Joanna (kobi) and Linda Alexette (Tobi). They are identical twins both film actors. They take part in TV drama Maria in citizen TV.

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