If you don't want your food to get ruined avoid these things


In this article today I will tell you some practical steps to take while cooking so your food won't get ruined. Every woman enjoys cooking, probably some might not enjoy cooking. There are different ways in which we prepare our food, sometimes it varies from culture, style, etc. Nigeria is blessed with chefs, it is abnormal to hear that a Nigerian woman cannot cook.

There are certain things we do that ruin our food and we end up regretting it. Am here to guide you today. Some things we do are as follows;

We lack concentration- Even the Bible says you cannot serve two masters, you have to like one and hate the other. Cooking requires concentration, your attention shouldn't be divided.

We don't know the exact quantity of ingredients to use- we should know the exact quantity of an ingredient, if u don't know the amount of salt to use the food will either be too salty or it will have less salt.

Excess water - Excess water spoils our food also. The amount of water depends on the type and quantity of the food.

Too spice- Not everyone eats spicy food. If you're cooking for an occasion, the spice should be less it shouldn't be too much or too less.

Natural spices are better and they are the best. When you make use of natural things, you live a healthy life because it's from a direct source.

If you take these precautions, you will enjoy your meal every time.Thanks dor reading, please like, follow and share to your friends and family. Share your comments in the comment section.

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