Kevin Taylor Sends An "Unexpected" Message To Ben Ephson After Ben Predicted This About John Mahama

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The host of "With All Due Respect" and Chief Executive Officer of Loud Silence Media, Kevin Taylor has boldly sent an unexpected message to election pollster, Ben Ephson after Ben predicted about John Mahama.

Ben Ephson has told John Mahama to forget winning the 2024 elections if he maintains Prof. Jane Naana Opoku as his running mate. He advised Mahama to pick one of his contenders as his running mate.

“Mahama would have to repackage himself because a Mahama with the same running mate is going to be difficult [to win 2024 general elections]. He may have to form an alliance or perhaps, pick one of the [NDC presidential contenders] as his running mate. Because where Mahama is, he has the advantage of being marketed already. And Mahama with all his body language looks like he is retaining his running mate for 2020 [general elections]. If he does, I think he should forget 2024.” Ben Ephson revealed.

Meanwhile, Kevin Taylor while reacting to what Ben Ephson said wrote this about Ben on the Facebook page of Loud Silence Media.

" If Ben Ephson focuses a bit more on his "sugar level" and trimming his oversized stomach, that will be a bit more useful to his life than his everyday foolishness." Kevin Taylor wrote.

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On the other hand, what's your take on what Kevin Taylor told Ben Ephson, and what to you make of Ephson's election predictions?

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