Here is why a well known Pastor did this to top member(Pastors name and full details)

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In our communities and Society in general, Pastors have been categorized as people we expect least mistakes coming from them time to time. Every time they do wrong or attached with anything evil , it always trends in most cases , this is due to how we have been categorizing pastors ans what we always expect to be coming from them all the times .

As per the aforementioned , it becomes very much important for pastors to always live in a proper manner and all the times be good examples to their communities all the times , this will Obviously simplify the matter to them and almost everyone Surrounding them. It won’t reach to a point where citizens criticizes pastors for just mere things which they always do on a daily basis. Situation cannot be like that at all . Such can’t be Condoned.

One of the very important issue of which people ignores , it is the fact that many of our Societies and communities abuse pastors. You will find people doing bad things to the pastors ans expecting them to be cooperating and responding in a proper manner all the times . That’s how people behaves towards pastors all the times .

One of the big things which we still battle against in our country , it is the issue of gender based violence and the abuse of children . It is always discouraged in the Social media platforms all the times , by so many people and least it’s expected from those who are leading our communities .

We all wish to have peaceful communities , which have least fights on a daily basis . It is very important for all of us to continue behaving in a peaceful manner all the times and ensure that we maintain the things which we always want to happen.

The trending picture of a woman being abused by a pastor is uncalled for , it is not at all Something of which we can celebrate at any time , such can’t be celebrated at all . And when it is coming from the pastor , as we expect them to be leading the communities very well from time to time

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