Mixed Reactions After a Popular Nairobi MP and Musician is Hospitalized


Today Kenyans have joined Mike Sonko in wishing one of Nairobi county Member of parliament quick recovery after they learned of him being hospitalized.

The news was posted on social media by Fomer Nairobi county boss Mike Sonko. Although, he did not explain what the member of parliament was suffering from. In post it is observed that jaguar is unconscious lying on hospital bed. It seems that the member of parliament is not in good condition because from far you can see how he is distressed.

While his right leg it has been tied cause more reactions among Kenyans for what might have happened to him. Kenyans of goodwill joined Mike Sonko on wishing him to get so that he can deliver his servicesto his people. It seem he has been the among best member of parliament in delivering services for the people of Nairobi that why they are showing their love to him. Here is some Reaction from the Kenyans.

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