Opinion: President Buhari should be vaccinated first like other presidents before other Nigerians


The president of the federal republic of Nigeria president Muhammadu Buhari should be vaccinated like the presidents of other nations to prove that the vaccine is safe before ordinary Nigerians begin to get the Covid-19 vaccines. Other presidents like the president of the United states of America has come live on television to be vaccinated as a test, to show his citizens that the vaccine is safe and so therefore our president should follow thesame procedure so as to assure every Nigerian that the vaccine is totally safe.

Nigeria has already received over 3 million doses of the vaccine but are yet to be vaccinated, most people are showing signs of fear but if the president comes out to be vaccinated it would erase every iota of fear in the people and assure every that the vaccine is totally safe and then there won't be problem when vaccination begins since all doubts about the vaccine would have been cleared by then.

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