Lady gets caught harassing a petrol attendant daylight. Video went viral

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There is a video that can be found on the internet that shows a woman who repeatedly harassed a gas station attendant. If this had happened to a woman, social media platforms would be shut down, and the perpetrator would be dismissed from his job and jailed immediately afterward. The woman kept moving closer to the gas station attendant in an attempt to kiss him as he was working, but he was trying to focus on his job. After that, she grabbed him from behind in order to divert his attention away from the work he was performing.

If it had been a male who was at fault, he would have been dismissed and arrested at the same time, in addition to being called a variety of derogatory names. Men need to quit remaining quiet and saying things like "what if it was a woman bla bla stand up to this woman on his behalf if we can why can't you?" Instead, they should say what they would say if the perpetrator was a woman.

In today's world, many women falsely believe that they are the only ones who might be the target of abuse and harassment, but this is not the case. Women have been known to harass guys as well. It will be to our advantage if we can accept that reality as quickly as possible. Simply because a man is powerful does not give anyone the right to harass him or make fun of him in any way.

Here are some comments:

1. "Imagine a guy doing that to a female gas station attendant; some parts of society would be screaming sexual harassment, and there would be an uproar; however, since it's a woman doing it, it seems like nothing serious, yet they cry about their struggles in life being caused by men."

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