Opinion: 2 Reasons Why Fans Are Surprised About Maria's Eviction From The BBN Show

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As the BBN reality television show is on, housemates are being evicted in order to get the winner. Among them is Maria, whom has been loved and supported by many.

Photo Credit: Instagram @Maria Chile Benjamin

She was evicted along side JMK and Sammie. Maria's exit from the BBN house was unexpected and serves as a surprise to many. People thought she would stay in the house till the last day and probably emerge the winner for reasons such as;

1. She gave good and interesting content through her activities in the house

Maria was known to play her cards well. She gave people things to talk about through her behavior in the house. She was very active and intelligent.

2. She was loved by her fans

Her fans profess their love for her on her social media page. Her followers also grew rapidly which showed that she had a lot of people rooting for her, so her eviction has left people wondering why their votes were not enough to keep her in the house.

People reacted to her eviction saying;

Photo Credit: Instagram @Sabiradio

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