What Is Going On With Samthing Soweto?

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Recent pictures of Samthing Soweto, have been doing the rounds on social media, which indicate that the artist is going through a lot.

My opinion is that the general perception, on social media, is that the recent pictures show a very fragile Samthing Soweto, who seems to also have grey hair. It is my view that although the salt and pepper look is quite in, his grey hair look catapults him into a shadow of his former self and is not as flattering as anyone else with the salt and pepper look. Do you get my drift?

Samthing Soweto, born Samkelo Lelethu Mdolomba, is said by Trends Today (a Facebook group, link below), speculates that the artist is going through a tough life patch. I believe so too.

Mdolomba left The Soil and made waves with his track Akanamali. Is this true that he is going through a rough path? We can only speculate.

Although pictures are worth a thousand words, we cannot fully rely on them. It is my opinion that artists need to also be left alone, as they too are human and don't always have make-up and are dolled up.

I am of the opinion that we shouldn't exert unnecessary pressure on anyone and that our focus on how a person looks amounts to body shaming.

I must point out that I believe that there is a wave, a force, some spiritual interference that is targeting youth but especially artists o those in the entertainment industry, not to say that those that are not youth are exempt.

I believe that we should start to celebrate life, by way of telling and showing people our love and support while they are alive. I challenge anyone who is present in mind, to introspect on what they would like to do for someone(anyone) when they have passed on, and then rather focus those funds, attention, appreciation, etc while that person is alive.

Some of us want to buy a coffin for our loved ones but didn't quite think to assist financially with their business idea or pay their school fees or even surprise them with a gift or groceries while they were alive.

I cannot wait for Samthing Soweto's next album and smash hit, to prove that he is over this patch. Just to show support, while he is alive, let us all stream his music and get him paid.

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