Talented kids need to be heard also

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The are many talented kids in this world who need to heard just like a 18 years old boy named Kelvin Ordartei graduated from Cosmos international school decided to build himself his very own car.

Kelvin Odartei seems to be a very talented boy because he started to build his car from scratches, it took him more days to finish the car and people were laughing at him while he was busy doing it.

Once the car is done he took it to the school so that everyone can see it, but everyone was surprised when they see it the car looked amazing and it was done by an 18 year old boy.

On the 18th of November Kelvin Ordartei will be graduating as BECE student and he said that he will go there with his car. I hope those who were not heard will be heard now. Some of the kids are not believed because they are poor like this boy he built his car out of garbage and he proved all those who didn't believe wrong just because he believed in himself.

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