Cristiano Ronaldo has just paid Liverpool a compliment as Jurgen Klopp enjoys transfer advantage

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Just now, Cristiano Ronaldo praised Liverpool, giving Jürgen Klopp an advantage in the transfer market.

Just a year after returning to Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo is reportedly pushing for a move away from Old Trafford, much to the delight of Liverpool supporters.

As preseason workouts begin, Manchester United, a bitter rival of Liverpool, has been shocked by the revelation that Cristiano Ronaldo wants to quit the team.

According to reports, Ronaldo is worried that United won't be able to contend for the greatest prizes this year. He wants to be realistically able to win league and Champions League crowns as he nears the end of his career at the age of 37.

The Athletic claims that the number seven has grown "frustrated with a perceived slow start to the window" and is keen for the Red Devils to "meet his ambition by improving the squad."

He has witnessed Kalvin Phillips' potential signing and Erling Haaland's signing by the defending champions, Manchester City. Meanwhile, Liverpool has agreed to what may up up being a record-breaking contract with striker Darwin Nez.

How does United fare? Tyrell Malacia, a 22-year-old fullback from Feyenoord, will now officially become Erik ten Hag's first acquisition, and the deal is expected to cost roughly £13 million.

But at Old Trafford, Malacia is probably seen more as a squad player than as someone who will immediately improve the starting lineup.

The Barcelona midfielder Frenkie de Jong, who was coached by the Dutchman and won the 2018–19 Eredivisie Player of the Year Award, is who Ten Hag truly wants to see again.

But it's fair to say that the 25-year-pursuit old's has dragged on. The president of Barcelona, Joan Laporta, has stated that "we have no intention of selling him [and] he wants to stay" as recently as this past weekend.

Whether it was public posturing or not, De Jong has already expressed his happiness at the Nou Camp.

He may be interested in joining United, but he isn't exactly excited about it.

He may not be actively promoting the change, which may be part of the reason the drama has dragged on for weeks.

It appears that Ronaldo has already made the decision that Ten Hag won't be able to compete with City and Liverpool in the upcoming season.

He is indirectly complimenting the Reds with his anxieties.

He clearly has a positive opinion of their company.

After all, they have acquired one of the top young strikers in football, exactly like City.

With Sadio Mané moving to Bayern Munich, some Liverpool supporters may question whether their team is actually stronger than it was the previous year. However, Ronaldo appears to think that the gap between the two major rivals, which was a staggering 34 points at the end of the previous campaign, has only grown wider as of late.

But all of this also shows how expectations have changed for Liverpool and City. It's important to note that the transfer window only started operating a little over three weeks ago, on June 10, and that it has two more months before its deadline of September 1.

There are still five weeks until the Premier League season opener, despite the accelerated season start.

However, there is already a sneaking suspicion that United are in trouble, one that has been drastically heightened by Ronaldo's request for a transfer.

Undoubtedly, clubs need to move quickly now more than ever. It's possibly the largest pre-season in recent memory because the winter World Cup will shorten the 2022–23 club calender. A manager has the opportunity to do their most important tasks now, before a hectic three-game schedule takes hold and the need for rest starts to impact the calibre of training.

In general, though, City and Liverpool are premier players who have lifted the bar in both the Premier League's top division and lower divisions. Nowadays, pursuing players over the full transfer window is viewed as a sign of dysfunction. Clubs are expected to behave firmly and quietly while implementing long-term strategies.

Liverpool's scouting division is notorious for making plans two to three windows in advance, so when trade starts, they are focused. It's telling that within a week of the initial rumours of genuine interest, the majority of new players appear to be posing for pictures at Kirkby.

Whether intentionally or not, the opening of the window has further damaged United's reputation.

The fact that United are having trouble closing deals is concerning, Gary Neville tweeted last month. "The others appear to be prepared, but United can't move."

The top two may need a few adjustments; Manchester City will likely pursue a left-back, for instance, and Liverpool may move if a unique player enters the market. But overall, everything is set for the top two. When they meet again in a few weeks, Jürgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola will essentially have their entire squads at their disposal.

For Manchester United, the summer seems to be just getting started.


Ronaldo has just paid Liverpool a compliment as Klopp enjoys transfer advantage

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