Wote Ni Mali Safi! Samidoh Babaymama Karen Nyamu And Wife Edith Nderitu Who Is More Beautiful


Women are today into fashion as each woman will be always happy when she looking beautiful and glowing. Talking about the women who have been reavealed to be in affairs with the famous artists Samidoh that is Babaymama Karen Nyamu and Wife Edith Nderitu. They have both proved to be beautiful always sharing there beautiful photos on there social media pages.

Karen Nyamu is the current Nairobi water and sanitation company manager. In addition she owns a law firm in Nairobi as well as a lawyer by profession . When it comes to fashion, beauty and style she has proved to be a model on her own. She seams to have managed to remain beautiful and glowing despite her age due to her stable financial status.

Below are some of her photos Karen Nyamu showing off the beauty in her.

Nderitu is beautiful woman married to Samidoh . The two are married and their marriage have been blessed with two children. Edith is also a hot lady when with go by fashion and beauty.

Being a wife to such a top musician who is also a police officer she is seams to be stable financially. So money to keep herself healthy seams not to be a problem as she is always glowing.

Below are some of Edith beautiful photos take a look at them.

Now what do you think about the two who is the more beautiful among them? Using the comment box section below drop your thoughts about this two beautiful ladies.

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