Best Jobs You Can Do With A Degree In Bachelor Of Education Apart From Teaching


Despite the fact that bachelor of education is hated by many, it provides a double chance of instilling skills that can be applied in some nice jobs apart from teaching. This is mostly contributed by the subject combinations, which are fully equipped with similar knowledge useful in other fields. Actually if you find working as a teacher tiresome, then there's another option to opt and still have a good career life. 

These jobs include;


This is based on business and other humanity related units. Deals with financial transactions, investment projects planning, quantitative analysis of funds and other events. Has specialization categories such as accounting, finance, procurement, human resource management, marketing and insurance. Employment opportunities are available in banks, companies, auditing services as well as in private firms. 

Closely attached to subjects like Business studies and Mathematics, since calculations are required here plus entrepreneurship, layouts, capacity and location of entities.


Goes hand in hand with Biology and Chemistry. Being a broad field it is divided into surgery, dentistry nursing, public health, pharmacy, laboratory science and biotechnology. Only minimal training is needed for a teacher to become a doctor, plus sensitive handling of human health apart from dealing with students. It's highly demanded because the advancement in the ministry of health calls for more work force to fill the available vacancies in the newly established hospitals. 


History, Christian Religious Education and Languages (English, Kiswahili, French and Germany) apply here. Has different sub groups such as commercial, financial, civil and family law. Teaches about the country laws and regulations, constitutional human rights, how to settle disputes in courts as a judge, magistrate or advocate.

When land issues arise, lawyers are consulted to help in giving solutions or defending clients. All this is taught in history, then languages are needed for fluency in communication.


Let's start with mechanical and electrical , which is concerned with machine learning, construction, repairs and maintenance, electric installations and network connection. Highly recommended subject is physics, because it gives clear understanding of how to fix wires, poles, parts, test the strength of locomotives, to ensure they are safe for use by people. 

Software engineering, requires computer studies. This helps in programming, codding, graphics, web designs and system management. Generally it is applied in creating applications on Google play store, where you can use it to run your own activities and charge users or just sell the app to interested companies. 

All these are technical related departments, thus have many things in common. 

To switch to another job from education,then it's easy, you just need very little training and from there you'll be eligible to work with the new institution.