Watch: Cop Who Killed 6 Relatives Makes Peace Signs In Court

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Mzansi was left in shock by the conduct of an arranged cop a hit on six relatives who modeled for columnists to take photographs of her in court. 

One of the posture which stood apart was the point at which she made hoodlum signs and continued to inquire as to whether they needed to take more photos of her. 

The cop appear to be especially in unperturbed with whatever is going on, which has provoked many to presume that she is either not well in the head or she is attempting to counterfeit psychological sickness so the court can be permissive with her. 

Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu is showing up at the Palmridge Magistrate Court, she is being blamed for killing six relatives. 

Nomia Ndlovu is likewise blamed for getting ready for her mom and sisters murders for protection payouts. 

Be that as it may, what many are neglecting to comprehend is whether the cop is typical as she appear to be especially loose and not avoiding cameras for somebody who killed individuals. 


"This is so tragic. She talks and acts like somebody who didn't structure a hit on 6 of her friends and family," 

"I presume she's wanting to utilize psychological instability to stay away from prison time. A many individuals are doing it these nowadays," some contended. 

Yet, many had cautioned that despite the fact that the cop may counterfeit psychological maladjustment in court, her arrangements will crash and burn as mental assessment will demonstrate her in any case. 

"The arrangement will fall flat. She will confront analysts/specialists for mental assessment and they will see through any stunts. She will be pronounced well and fit to stand preliminary," 

"However, you can't control your psych assessment regardless of how great of an entertainer you are. She may be putting on an act at this moment, yet in the event that the assessment is on the way she can't control it. 

On the off chance that anything it may uncover her narcissistic and manipulative attributes."


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