14 Types Of Phobia You Must Know


Phobia can be defined to be an extreme fear of something. Individuals with phobia towards something usually avoid the object or item. They dread it and even dream about it. There there thousands of phobia globally but let's talk about these ten common phobia you are unlikely to know :


This is the fear of heights.

Tall buildings is a no go zone for these people. They also dislike cliffs and hanging bridges.


The fear of blood.

Blood is an essential and invaluable fluid of the body tasked with numerous functions. People with haemophobia hate seeing, touching or smelling blood. It irritates them.


The fear of water. 

Hyrophobics detest the sea, lakes or rivers all because of water. They stay far from water sources to save their peace. 


The fear of dead things and things associated with death. 

People with this phobia hate grave sites, ghost stories and even the site of dead people or animals. They will stay away from these scenarios by all costs. 


The fear of confined or crowded places.

Crowded places have many people. They are usually difficult to find a way out with ease. Air supply may be limited and people may trample on you. For these reasons, we have claustrophobics. 


The fear of thunder and lightning. 

Thunder strikes are usually a scary sound. The rumbling and booming creates a scary effect. A person with astraphobia may recoil and hide themselves in duvets or pillows. They may even cling to a person without this phobia for assurance. 


The fear of spiders.

Spiders usually are characterized by numerous hairs, sharp colours, serrated mouth parts and fast movements. Arachnophobia people hate these animals with passion.


The fear of snakes.

Who doesn't hate snakes? A majority of people hate snakes not because of it's deadly venom but from traditional stories and beliefs. Snakes are believed to be cursed creatures and man's swore enemy. Their slitheriness, elusiveness and silence makes ophidiaphobics hate these serpents. 


The fear of dogs.

Cynophobics dread the site and sound of dogs. Fear creeps when they meet even the harmless of them. They will run away thinking they might be chased.


The fear of injections. 

These lot of people hate doctors for one reason, injections. The site of a three inch metal sinking into flesh scares them.


The fear of books. These lot fear reading books. They could be asked to read out loud or just read to the public.

12. Aerophobia

The fear of flying. 

Individuals with this phobia avoid all forms of air transport and prefer land transport means for transportation.


The fear of situations in which escape is Difficult. These individuals fear terrorists, thugs and even kidnappers as they would be exposed to capture.



This is the extreme fear of accidents. It happens to individuals who in the past have been involved in near-fatal accidents or have witnessed victims involved in accidents. 

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