Say Amen To These Saturday Night Short Prayers For God's Protection Over Your Life (17/4/2021)


Tonight,we have come to your throne of grace as your sons and daughters. We know that you are the only one that we have. We thank you since morning that we have woke up because you protect us from evil.

You are the Lord, there is no one like you. We worship your majesty for whom you are. It's by your grace that we are not consumed. May you be exalted!

As we come to your presence,we believe that all our prayers requests will be granted and we will obtain mercy from you our father.


- In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray that the Lord Almighty will safe guide me as I sleep tonight.

- Father, please send down your Angels from heaven above to come and take charge of my protection in the name of Jesus Christ.

- Oh God,all the weapons and agenda of the devil against my life, I pray that the Lord cancel it in the name of Jesus Christ.

- Everlasting father, I pray that you saturate the place that I will sleep tonight with your spirit and you make me to have a sound sleep.

- Father, please cancel all the works of the darkness over my life in the name of Jesus Christ.

- I pray in the name of Jesus Christ that during my sleep tonight I will experience divine protection in the name of Jesus Christ.


You are blessed.