You Are lazy Artist - Dj Slim Of ABN Radio One To Gyakie


Gyakie is one of the female artist who really make waves in the entertainment space this your with her Forever song, she has gotten the attention of many Ghanaian. Recently many Ghanaian have started with many analysis about the musician's activeness in the music industry.

Gyakie has been in music industry for long time but the only song that got her on the lips of many Ghanaians is her "forever song". According to many Ghanaians, she is now enjoying all the hypes on social media, but it looks like people are now examining her prowess under discussion.

Dj Slim of ABN radio one fame is part of the people who have started analyzing her. Dj Slim opted out his opinion based on knowledge and experience he had in the industry. According to him Gyakie is lazy Ghanaian female artist, he said all her songs are flat. He further added that she should do her homework well so that she can sustain in the industry, hype can be bought but it takes real talent to be successful in the system for so many years.


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