My House Shall Be Called a House of Prayer.


My House shall be called a house of prayer(Matthew 21:13).

Jesus said that My house shall be called a house of prayer.It is important for every Christian to pray always.Jesus said men ought to pray always and not faint.The Word of God is what stirs our spirits to pray.Has God made a personal promise to you?If your answer is yes then you must pray to bring that promise to manifestation.The Word of God is at stake.If we don't pray,the Word of God will not come to pass.

When we pray according to His Word,we are confident that he will hear us(I John 5:14).We don't only pray because Jesus instructed us to pray,but we must understand that the Word of God is at stake and we need to pray.

We have a big role to play in the fulfillment of God's promises through prayer.The Promises of God are Yes and Amen in Christ.Every promise of God find their fulfillment in Christ through our prayer.Make time to pray everyday according to His promises and God will answer you for He will hear the prayers of the destitute.

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