Charity Ngilu Defends Herself Over The Enziu Accident.

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Kenyans are still in a sad mode after what happened to our brothers and sisters in Enziu River.The Governer of the area Charity Ngilu has been criticized and blamed for everything that happened.She is being accused of poor quality of roads under her administration.

On her defense, Charity said that there were plans which had already been implemented to build the bridge but the contractor went away without finishing the work.She claimed that the contractor laid the foundation only and flee away.Since then the national government decided to take the project as it's own and plans were still underway.

"I am told that the bridge was supposed to have been completed years ago.The contractor did a shoddy work on the bridge and left but the national government has taken up the job.This is the last time we are going to mourn our people." The Governer said.Follow for more credible new.

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