How to Avoid Troubles


We are living in a world where most people need peace. Yes. We need peace. A peaceful environment is good for development. It's also good for coexistence. The best way to have peace is to avoid troubles.

The following are the best ways to avoid troubles:

1. Avoid bad company

Show me your friends and I will show you who you are. Your friends depict your true characters. Avoid friends who want to mislead you. The friends who give wrong pieces of advice, like violence and consume excess drugs. Avoid them and create new friends with whom you can help each other out whenever need arises.

2. Avoid excessive drug abuse

When you are too drunk you get out of your mind. You get out of control such that you don't know whatever you are doing at that time. When too drunk, you may wrong some highly emotional people who might beat you up. When too drunk you may also lose some of your important documents eg driving license and work permit. Please drink responsibly.

3. Stay lonely

This is very simple. Just stay on your own most of the time while quiet. Only stay in a group when necessary. You'll not get any time to wrong your neighbors. They will respect your choice and stay away from you too.

4. Avoid prolonged arguments

Many people fear the truth and are always ready to fight. Don't take much of your time arguing with such people because they can harm you. If you feel that the argument tightens just give up and pretend that you've lost the argument. In real sense, you shall have lost absolutely nothing. Save your life by simply abandoning such unnecessary arguments.

5. Accept correction

Your friends and neighbors might notice something wrong with you. They may advice you to change on it. You have to change with immediate effect before you find yourself in a consequencial problem.

6. Be apologetic

Humble down and ask for forgiveness whenever you are wrong. Don't just wrong others and keep quiet. Speak to them and they will forgive. Don't assume you're forgiven before you ask whoever you wronged to forgive you. Please say sorry when you're wrong. They will forgive and forget and life wil continue moving on smoothly as it had been.

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