"Hizo Pesa Ni Zenu" What Raila Odinga Told Nyeri Residents About Dp Ruto That Left Them In Talks

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The Orange Democratic Movement party leader Raila Odinga has left the people in Nyeri in talks after his remarks on the second in command William Ruto. As it has been the norm since long, when the political period approaches, leaders are forced to use various words either by digging their opponents so as to win the heart of voters.

The former prime minister, Raila Odinga while addressing the crowd in Nyeri town, took a swipe at the deputy president who is his main rival candidate in presidential seat race. Following what the deputy president has continued to do by lashing out cash every station he visits, Raila Odinga has now urged kenyans to accept the cash since they belong to them.

ODM leader has allegedly revealed that the cash that the deputy president is giving out belongs to them and that they should not fear to take them.

Hon Raila Odinga said that infact they should ask him to come back again tomorrow and give more.

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