Breaking news :Thomas Tuchel Find out a way to utilize star player


Ziyech's initial four beginnings for Chelsea - 2 objectives, 3 helps, 2x MOTM. Ziyech's last four beginnings for Chelsea - 0 objectives, 0 helps. He's demonstrated his capability to be a distinct advantage effectively this season - simply needs to recover that structure. 

Class player however shockingly sometimes falls short for the Tuchel framework. Trusting he either adjusts or Tuchel has a reinforcement arrangement that can free the best once again from Hakim. 

That is the issue with this 5 at the back gibberish. Chelsea wind up having: 








All battling for similar 3 positions. This framework doesn't support Ziyech and he doesn't have time on his side like a portion of the others on that rundown. 

Transient it benefits Chelsea. Steadies the boat and assists Thomas Tuchel with satisfying his dispatch of top four. In any case, long haul this is a difficulty for Chelsea. Excepting James, CHO and Billy, our most brilliant gifts a& the players with the most elevated potential are in those 7 names referenced. Ought to focus on them. 

Ziyech is acceptable in 1v1, why squandering him in the CAM job. Kai is more appropriate for the CAM job why squandering him on seat? 

CHO and CP are incredible as a LW, why squandering one as a RWB and the other on the seat? Assaulting plan is been forfeited for Defensive strength, we need a few changes.