Handshake in ICU? Big Blow to Baba as Yattani Makes This Hurting News as Kenyans Watched Him- VIDEO


The handshake deal between President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya and his counterpart in the ODM Party Hon Raila Odinga is now in the intensive care unit bed and could soon explode should we go by the latest news. This is after President Uhuru Kenyatta's government has this year failed to allocate some funds to the office of the former Prime Minister Hon Raila Odinga, unlike last year when he was allocated kshs 72.5 million.But addressing the country today, CS Ukur Yattani in what was perceived as a justification as to why the Government didn't allocate money to the Office of the ODM Party leader announced that things do change, adding that in the case for Last year he (Raila) was allocated money as a result of the supplementary budget.

"As you all know, this year things are different and we have adjusted some budget compared to last year. In this year's budget, our President is focused on completing the ongoing infrastructural projects and that is the reason why some offices weren't considered for the budget allocation, maybe this will be considered in the future," Yattani Said.

Meanwhile, according to political pundits and experts who have reacted to this year's budget Reading, the decision to slash budgets for Hon Raila's office has nothing to do with the current economic hardships because last year, things were worse than now. Others have argued that maybe Uhuru has changed his mind.

Here is the Video

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