Skuchi, The Sweet Killer That Is A Favourite Party Drink Of Young Nigerians

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Those who are creatures of the Lagos club and party scene know the drink by its many names: Skoochies. Skuchi. Omi Gutter. They also know it by the way it is served―in a red cup. Wherever there is revelry dominated by young people, Skuchi will not be found wanting, it has become so popular so much so that on the streets of Lagos, it has become the identity of the “big boys,” who regard spirits and beer as ordinary liquor for “small boys.” 

Yet, there is nothing more dangerous than this dangerous concoction. 

Sweet taste, sweet flavour, sweet sensation, yet Skuchi is made from a dangerous mix of cannabis extract, codeine cough syrup, tramadol, alcohol and juice drink such as zobo or cranberry juice and flavour. 

The main components―cannabis, tramadol and codeine―are controlled substances, thereby making the consumption of Skuchi a gross act of drug abuse.

Apart from the risk of dependence, the highly narcotic drink has multiple side effects that can arise from long-term use of codeine, tramadol or cannabis, and an overdose of the sweet drink can cause seizures, unconsciousness and even death.

Skuchi, which belongs to the classification of illicit substances called the New Psychoactive Substances, is on NDLEA’s list of banned drinks. 

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