Messi VS Neymar 'Goat' Challenge key areas where the game will be won.


Argentina VS Brazil is a highly anticipated game since way back.It has attracted attention all over the world everyone wanting to catch a glance of the action..Bad news to kenyan viewers because most of them will be asleep when the game will continuing.

The match is scheduled to start at 3am which makes many kenyan fans disadvantaged.

Key points where the game will be won are;

Messi vs Neymar

This is the key area where the big clash will be won..Messi is out to prove he is the world best footballer after winning champion league ,LA Liga,Copa del Ray and alot of domestic cups with Barcelona but never won a major cup with Argentina.

On the other hand,Neymar want to prove he still got what it takes to win his country this trophy after failing to impress in the world cup which they were humiliated .


Argentina's keeper proved to the world that he can help his team when they need him by saving even penalties..He will be a vital tool in this final game.


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