Julius Malema Exposes Mall Bosses For Hiring More Foreigners and Instigating Xenophobia

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Julius Malema Exposes Mall Bosses For Hiring More Foreigners and Instigating Xenophobia

Date: 2022/01/19

Julius Malema is exposing mall bosses for hiring foreigners, this was the first of its kind that this has ever happened in South African malls.

Julius now has an understanding that the bosses and managers are the ones who are Instigating violence in this country, they make African’s fight amongst one another whilst they are the ones with White Monopoly Capital and holding the country back from progress because of their greed.

This is perfect timing that Julius did this, now all they have to do is kill him and inspire change and ignite South Africa as they seem to be entitled to everything that is going on in the country.

All races can work together only if they could come up with ways to be fair and not others to act better than others. We forget that the power is with the people and not the money, better to be amongst the people when all these things happen.

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We can all eat enough only if we learn that the is enough for everyone and never be scared to be humiliated and look stupid in front of people, only that way may we be able to live a life of comfort and be in situations where we can all eat and shine without worrying if we will have enough for tomorrow.

This could be a revolution and people should not be afraid of it, these schools and industries are there to instigate unnecessary violence amongst the people, if they hire 10 Africans there should be some sort of diversification not just one tribe and kind of people, it should be fair Julius is right, Africa can and it will unite only if we work together great things will set themselves up and people will be in positions where they do not have to fight amongst one another in the name of survival.

Source: https://twitter.com/TimesLIVE/status/1483849529455788041

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