Check Out Nigeria's All Time Highest Goal Scorer in the English Premier League

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More than a dozen Nigerian stars have graced the English premier league over the years, and most of them had so much impact that it will be difficult for football fans to forget about them, and the records they had in the league even when it's been years since some of them retired from the game.

For many football fans, the number goals scored by a single player is the major indices used in choosing who is a better player over another. However, while we can argue over who the best Nigerian player to play in the English premier league is, the Nigeria's all time highest-scoring player cannot be argued because records will always speak for themselves.

We've had amazing Nigeria players in the premier league, players like Jay Jay Okocha, Kanu Nwakwo, Peter Odewinge, and Mike Obi, but neither of these stars is the Nigeria's all time highest goal scorer in the premier league. The Nigerian player with the highest number of goals in the history of the English premier league is Yakubu Aiyegbeni.

He scored a total of 95 goals from 227 appearances in the league, over 40 goals more than the player with the second history number of goals.

Although, many Nigerians have their opinion about Yakubu Aiyegbeni, we can't take it away from him that he is the best player with respect to number of goals scored by a Nigerian in the history of the premier league.

Who amongst the Nigerian players to play in the English premier league will your pick as your all time best?

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