Programmes that Should not be entertained, they are the reason for high murder cases in our country.


Television exists to illuminate and to entertain. It holds a mirror to our lives, either directly (through news and current affairs), or indirectly (through comedy or drama), and allows us to escape our existence by entering worlds different to our own.

This is not the case in Ghana today. Many of our Television stations have adopt the habit of showing contents that are not appropriate and it's time we speak about it.

I strongly believe that the recent killings and murder cases in Ghana are as a result of this programs shown on our stations. Today you will switch on your television and all you could see is either an advert of spiritualist inviting people to join thier cult so that they can get rich or spiritualist showing contents that are not humanly friendly.

In about two years Ghana has recorded the highest murder cases and I believe this is as a result of this spiritual content shown on our televisions that are supposed to educate and entertain us.

Do you agree something must be done to those stations that air such contents.


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